Wednesday, December 30

Resolution 2010

The year is coming to an end soon. With the new beginning around the corner, it’s time to think about my New Year’s Resolution again.

Before that, let’s look back at my good track record so far.

2007 – Quit smoking. It was difficult like hell, but hell, I did it anyway!

2008 – Return to my pre-natal figure. Sure many, including myself, thought it was quite impossible, but I put on my old pair of jeans in 5 months!

2009 – Get that driver’s license. And yes, I got it even though I was pregnant. Pretty amazing!

Seems like nothing can stop me! I am unbeatable!

2010… It seems like I should give myself a stretch.

I want to lose all the weight that I had piled on during this pregnancy. That would be 20 whooping kg or more! And I want to do something about those darn freckles, fix my disappearing double eyelid; perhaps even heighten my nose a little. In another word, fuck this frumpy preggie look, give me back my chio bu image that I was once so proud of!

While at the same time, be a super mommy for my new baby, Leonitus, and my precious little angel, Laetitia!

It’s so going to be another tough year ahead for me. But I will JUST DO IT. I know I can!

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