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Thursday, January 7

Counting Down

It’s has been seven days after the hype of welcoming a brand new year. I am kind of still in a holiday mode as there hasn’t been much for me to do at work because I am going on maternity leave soon.


I know I said it many times, but I still want to shout it out loud, “I can’t wait to POP!”

The baby is getting so big that it almost felt like I have a melon sitting on my vagina all the time! It aches so badly when I walk and I can never find a comfortable position for sitting or sleeping. If I remember correctly, having Laetitia was not that difficult, maybe age is really catching up on me.

To make matter worst, I am feeling nauseous constantly. I think it is because my stomach is being compressed upwards and the acid in it refluxes back, making me feel like shit!

However, I know everything would be worth it when I see my new born king. All I want now is for him to be healthy and may the delivery be smooth … smooth like tofu! Hehehe…


melissa said...

jiayou!!! i wanna see ur little king too!!! and I can't wait for u to join my club of "the supermom of 2"!

Laetitia said...

supermom of 2! well said! well said!


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