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Friday, July 30

Yes, I have changed, so what!

Earlier this month I had a mini class gathering with a handful of my ex-sec school classmate, some whom I had not met for the last 18 years!

Most of them commented that I am still looking the same. So when I went back home, I boosted to Mr Hubby, "My ex-classmates say that I hasn't change. See, I still look as young as 16!"

Mr Hubby couldn't wait to jeered at me. "Either they lied or they were insulting you. Because you told me you look damn ugly when you were in sec school." he said.

Oh fuck! Mr Hubby was actually right. I certainly am very different now. Not just my look, my perspective, my attitude towards life, my paradigm, so much of me had changed these few years.

Back then, I was this fat, fugly loser who hated everything about myself. I was pathetic!

But look at me now. At 34, and after given birth twice, I look so damn GOOD that I am beginning to fall in love with myself! Even though I am still not quite slim yet after being stretched 20kg bigger for having Leonitus 6 months ago.

I may not be 16 or 23 or 30 anymore and I had changed, but I am glad I had. In fact, I'd never felt GREATER than now. I am proud to be the wife of a good man and the mother of our two beautiful children. That's quite a bed of roses already!

You know what, I no longer care if my look remain the same because over time everything about me will change and I know these changes would only be for the better!

1 comment:

Mrs Porcupine said...

you look much prettier now mummy! I think motherhood is very agreeable with you. :)

PS: Leonitus and Laetitia look amazingly alike! 2 cute peas in a pod. I think I'm not the only one who've said this. :)


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