Saturday, September 11

Being the "Maria" for a day

I had the most tiring day on the Hari Raya Puasa public holiday. My helper was given a day off, so I had to wake myself up at 8am on a non-working day (I usually sleep in until 10am or sometimes 11am).

My helper went off at 9ish and soon after Mr Hubby also left to attend his business. Here I was alone, with the two little ones at home. My "survivor game" began.

I got Leonitus to take his late morning nap while setting Laetitia up with some colorings to do, I cooked Leonitus's lunch. Leonitus was up shortly after; I fed him and kept Laetitia company while she played her toys near us. After his lunch, I bath and changed him, and then quickly dialed for Pizza Hut to order lunch for Laetitia and myself because it would be suicidal if I attempt to cook ours.

Lunch arrived. Stuff myself with mouthful of food, fed Laetitia at the same time and threw breadcrumbs into Leonitus's mouth from time to time when he made noise.

Lunch done. Showered and changed Laetitia; gave her a book to read and put Leonitus away safely on the exersaucer while I rushed into the bathroom, threw some water onto my face and body, jumped out of the tub, rubbed dry and prayed that my 2 minute shower was good enough to keep me smelling fresher than before.

Made milk for Leonitus, fed him and read a story to Laetitia at the same time. Managed to get both of them to take their naps together.

I cleaned and washed up the dinning area. Tried to read a newspaper, but fell asleep after the 5th page or so.

Leonitus stirred. I woke up. Feeling very happy because they had managed to sleep for 2 and a half hours, then my joy was cut short when I realised Laetitia had wet her mattress!

Cleaned and changed her up, then took a long time to clean up the soiled mattress while letting the television do the babysitting of the kids for a while.

Thought I could sit down and joined them for some telly, Leonitus threw up. I changed him and washed the stain off his top before dumping all the kids' clothing into the washer.

Mr Hubby came home and brought Laetitia out to buy dinner. I hung the laundry up while keeping Leonitus entertained with some silly songs that I made up.

Dinner time. Shared a porridge with Laetitia. Cleaned up the dinning area. Smelt something crappy. Leonitus's poo was over-flowing out of his diaper onto his clothes and the seat of his exersaucer! What luck!

Showered Leonitus and changed him before scrubbing the stench off his exersaucer.

Laetitia was getting impatient to wait for her turn to shower, she was starting to make some fuss about her toys. She was catching me at the wrong moment, I was exhausted and disgruntled. "Mommy is not your slave!" I shot at her, she shut up immediately. She is smart.

Finally, our helper came home and save the rest of my day! My hair needed a wash really badly!



I had on me pee, poo and puke and all the time, I kept wishing I could grow another pair of arms but I am glad that I had the chance to go through a day without helper and spouse.

I would recommend everyone, anyone, who uses a maid to try this, at least for once, because it will really helps you to understand why your house is never as neat and clean as you wanted. You would become more forgiving to your helper.

And husbands, with homemaking wives, you really should do this, for you would never understand why your wife's face is always so black when you thought you are the one at a hard day's work, bringing home the bacon.


Honey said...

Totally agrees!! Its really hard being a woman nowadays.. We are mother, wife, employee, daughter, buddy, so many roles in one. Worst if husband does not understands and is unappreciative :(

Sis, u have been doing a great job alrdy, dun be too hard on yourself ya :) enjoy the moments with double Ls!

melissa said...

Awww.. finally someone who I can relate to and understand every single bit that has been going on with my life!


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