Saturday, September 25

Goodbye, Cousin!

After battling breast cancer for close to 2 years, my cousin, Kim, passed on at the age of 37, leaving behind a husband who loves her dearly and 3 very young sons.

I was Mandai Crematorium, saying my last goodbye, this morning. It was utterly heartbreaking to see Kim's second son, who was only 5 yrs old asking his father where mommy was going, just before the casket entered the cremation chamber. I felt so sorry for Kim's 3 boys, to have lost their mother at such young age. I felt so helpless, not knowing what I could do to make any of them feel better.

As a parent, myself, I knew how much Kim had hated to leave this world, to let her sons grow up without a mother. Death, itself, can never be as frightening as not knowing how it can affect your children and their lives thereafter.


Kim, or Ah Leng Jiejie (as how I had always call you), I wish we had the opportunity to bring our kids together and let them play, then perhaps I would know them better and be a better aunt for them, than the one, I am today. I am sorry. But I will try to meet up with your boys and get to know them in the future.

I am not a believer of any religion, nor do I believe in heaven or life after death, but I really hope you will be free from sufferings and be happy wherever you may be.

So long, Cousin. It's has been good being your relative all this time.

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Anonymous said...

Had lots of tots running thru my head tat day too... Being a parent myself now, I can feel how heart breaking it is for da yee. Being a brother, i can feel how heart breaking it is for ah yan (yet he is acting strong). Being a husband, I can feel how heart breaking it is for his husband. Being a son, I can feel how heart breaking it is for her kids (If they know wat had happen to their mom, which they will soon) I am so glad I still have mom, u, Caine and Honey. I am blessed...


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