Sunday, October 3

Rock On!!

When I knew that the theme for this year's D&D was "Rock Star", I was so over the moon! That was definitely a theme created specially for me because, YEAH!! I AM A ROCKER!!

When young girls were listening to stuff like Debbie Gibson, Bananarama, NKOTB, I was growing up with Metallica, GNR, Skid Row, Iron Maiden, Nirvana and many more. Yes, I might be 34 now, but I still rocks!

Check out my outfit for the night. I am proud to say every piece of them belongs to me, all I did was to put them together for that rocker chic image. A little too 'Avril Lavigne' for me, but anyhow I am not her fan.

I was down to the detail of my nails. It's a coat of black nail polish that "cracks" to reveal a red undercoat. Cool right!?
These are my rocking co-workers and my boss (extreme right). All looking very different from our daily office wear.

These are some of the girls whom I trained. This bunch really sporting; came all dressed up to the theme. They were my pride that night! You girls rock!

The 6 finalists for our BEST DRESS Contest, all different genre of rockers. We had (from left to right) The Punk Rock, The 80's Rock, The Tina Turner Rock, The Harajuku Rock, The Death Rock & The Country Rock.

It was a really fantastic night, I had a lot of fun. When the dinner finally ended, I was a bit reluctant to remove my temporary tattoo. I was even quite tempted to ink something similar. I must be out of my mind.

Anyway, I have 2 rocker babies at home, maybe one of them might just ink themselves when they grow up.

This was Laetitia at 11 mths old.

And then I have Leonitus, also a rocker, at 8 mths old.



melissa said...

Yes I do remember you listen to Metallica!!!

Laetitia said...

yeah! and i even went to their concert when they were in singapore. but that was donkey years back.



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