Sunday, January 9

Crocodile, Monkey and Worm

These are what I have been feeding my son, Leonitus, these days.

Leonitus has been coughing for more than a month. He had tried the medication, the nebulizer, the inhaler but nothing seemed to keep him well past a week. His paediatrician recommended that I put him through a month of Singulair, a drug that helps prevent asthma.

As soon as Leonitus was on Singulair, I started to feel that he was a bit violent.. erm... different. No, he wasn't getting healthier but he was becoming more aggressive, easily irritable and some nights he would wake up screaming as if he had a terrible nightmare. His usual meekiness was almost gone overnight. It was quite scary.

So I had Singulair read up on its website and was shocked to discovered that those changes that I had experienced with Leonitus wasn't my imagination at all. They were indeed the side effects of this drug. Without hesitation, I stopped giving Singulair to Leonitus, even though this would means I am taking chance with my son's health.

And that put me at my wit's end so I turned to TCM. I stopped the liquid Ventolin and whatever Western cough elixir, I started giving Leonitus, Hou Zao San, a Chinese Herb, derived from parts of a monkey, in powder form.

I bought crocodile meat to cook together with brown rice, as porridge, or I would use a large chuck of crocodile meat to double-boil with some wolfberries, red dates as soup.

Then once a week, I would make tonic with Cordyceps, which are really some fungus that invade worms to form this very expensive TCM ingredient, in fact, it's more expensive than GOLD!

So the sample menu of Leonitus looks something like this:

Milk and Monkey Powder

Crocodile Brown Rice Porridge

Milk and Monkey Powder

Rice with Worm Soup

Milk and Monkey Powder

Who would like to have some of the yummies above too?


Anonymous said...

My son also had bronchitis and tends to develop a cough very easily. I switched to Chinese tcm Eu Yang sen and it helps a lot. There is a senior Chinese physician at the Eu yang sen clinic at tiong bahru who is pretty good. You can give it a go. They custom blend Chinese herbs into powder which you mix with water for your son to drink . Hope it helps.

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Leonitus seems to be getting better. *fingers crossed. But now I know which physician to look for if things don't improve from here. Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting, and I am intrigued...did it actually work?

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Just as things are getting better for Leonitus, he caught the flu bug again when I was out of town. Tomorrow, we will be bringing him to the EYS Clinic @ Sembawang (because it is much nearer to what we lived).

Mandie, stay tuned if you are interested to see if TCM works for my son after all.


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