Monday, January 17

I Want to Trade In

I thought I was winning the battle before I left for Medan last Wednesday; Leonitus' cough seemed so much better. Then I phoned home on Thursday and received the bad news; he was running a temperature -- a rather high one too.

My mom and maid brought him to the paediatrician at Railway Mall because his regular paediatrician at Kidslink CCK wasn't open, but I really have no faith with the doctor there. As I predicted her medication were those very common ones and they weren't helping Leonitus at all.

Yesterday, I brought Leonitus to the Eu Yan Sang Clinic at Sembawang. After my last near success with TCM, I was really hoping for this alternative to work out well for him. To my surprise, the clinic is very modern; it even has a hip playroom for its young patients. My thought for EYS was really some 'atas' (high-end) shit for TCM, but the consultation plus medications were really cheap compared to a trip to the kids' paediatrician.

Somehow the words of the EYS's physician weren't too resounding. Actually, no, it provided me with nearly zero confidence. I could almost sniff out a huge sense of doubt she has with herself and TCM all together when she told me that I might want to go hand in hand along with Western medication because TCM's effect might not act quick enough for Leonitus. She said Leonitus's lungs are getting too congested.

Last night, Leonitus' temperature shot over 38 degree again and he was coughing throughout the night. He wheezed and fought for air. My heart just broke into millions of pieces seeing him suffered.

I took urgent leave this morning to bring Leonitus to Winston Ng of Kidslink after he coughed and threw up all his milk. He was already not eating well and now with all that vomitting  just how much more can he take?!

Dr Ng diagnosed him with Bronchiolitis AGAIN! This is the fourth time and Leonitus is barely one year old!! WTF!! Just what can I fucking do to keep him well?!

Now everything is back to square one. It is the antibiotic, the nebulizer, the Singulair, the Ventolin and all those Western medicines that made him and me crazy, that I had choose to stop back then, they are all back once more!

It's such a fucky feeling to watch your kids fall ill and you have absolutely NO POWER to make them feel any better. It's sickening to be this vulnerable. I hate it!

I, Cindy Cheong Shin Yih, is prepared to trade in 10 years of my life, in exchange for good health of my children. Any takers, God or Devil? I don't care, just fucking take my life and make Leonitus/ Laetitia well again!

UPDATE @ 6.30pm:
Laetitia came home from school with a fever; her nose is stuffy and things aren't looking too good for her too.


Mrs Porcupine said...

Hello mummy,
Sorry to hear about Leonitus' bout of illness. Take heart that you aren't alone. Little porcupine used to be down with respiratory infections pretty often too between the ages 1 to 3, at a rate of 1 doctor visit/1-2 mths! He also had 2 episodes of bronchiolitis and many other episodes of wheezing/coughing/vomitting and was diagnosed as having allergic cough bordering on asthma... until he was put on 6 continuous months of singulair. It's a real expensive drug but he got a lot better after that, with much lesser episodes of respiratory tract infections. After 6 full mths, he outgrew his wheezing. His immunity got a whole lot better too after we relented and started him on multi-vitamins. I never used to believe in it as I felt he's already having a well-balanced diet but he hasnt fallen sick in almost 6 mths now since we started him on multi-vits. Hmm discuss with yr PD and perhaps you can give it a go. Take comfort that all these episodes of illness will come to pass with age. :) Hang in there. (PS: Leonitus is v adorable! =))

Get well real soon Littlest L.

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Mrs Porcupine, thanks for your encouragement and for sharing your experience.

I am so glad to have this blog; to have people like yourself and many that I have never personally met to show support and concerns via this little space.

Thank you, Mommy Felicia for writing to me via FB. Thank you Praise for emailing me the info of 'lung tonic'. Thank you people! Thank you!


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