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Saturday, January 22

Lipo @ Medan (Part 1 of 3)

My quest for a slimmer figure had brought me to Medan, Indonesia. My last Vaser Liposelection done at a local aesthetic clinic had left me very disappointed. My abs were poorly sculpted and there are multiple areas with dents and waves. And there was my lower back and flanks, which seemed totally untouched except for the two incisions scars.

Those were good enough reasons to not return to that same clinic and doctor when I want to lipo my arms. After reading about this doctor in Medan from some forum and seeing many of his works on the Internet, I decided to take a chance and flew over to a foreign land to continue my lipo quest.

I took a Silkair flight, but I should really be alright just taking a budget airline because the flight only took slight over a hour. The clinic's driver picked me up from Medan airport and drove me straight to the clinic where I was greeted by the Customer Service Officer, Jenny and two nurses at the reception area. The walls of the clinic were filled with various certificates and photos of the doctor with some famous plastic surgeons and even with the president of Singapore!

The clinic... should I really be calling it a clinic? It is a three-storey twin-building, very BIG; it is equipped with operating theatre, dance studio, facial spa, kitchen and as many as ten bedrooms in the building. I stayed in room number 2, while the doctor stayed at Rm #1. It sure felt like a VIP to stay next-door to the doctor. My room is air-conditioned, spacious and clean, it has a queen-sized bed, wardrobe, a dresser, TV, DVD player and wireless Internet connection. There were also two drawers full of DVDs at the hall but all the discs were pirated! The best feature in the clinic was the Skype phone which I can make as many calls to Singapore as I desired and it is absolutely free of charge.

After I put down my stuff, the nurses ushered me into the consultation room where I met Dr Arthur for the first time. My impression of him was, he is very chatty for a doctor and he is very frank, to the extend that it might come across to some as blunt.

I had intended to lipo my arms as well as to revise the work of my flanks and lower back, but Dr Arthur weren't keen to tackle so many areas at once. He told me he would rather concentrate on one area at a time so that the result would be good instead of trying to do too many and not achieve what I really would have wanted. So in  the end , I chose to do my arms and my jowl, as for my flanks and lower back I will have to save them for my next trip.

The consultation was detailed even though Dr Arthur spoke very fast, but it was alright for me because I wasn't new to liposuction anyway. After the consultation, IV drip was administrated, followed by some sedative; I could feel my heart rate and breathing slowed down. Then I was given a pill, the nurses told me it was a sleeping pill. The doctor marked and then painted the areas that needed to lipo with a brown liquid which I believe it was iodine.

Now I was ready for the op. The nurses placed pieces of gauze over my eyes and each time they lifted the gauze to check, my eyes were be opened, they will tell me to go to sleep, but I can't sleep. In fact, I believe I was awake throughout the op and was aware of most things that were going on but it wasn't frightening and I did not feel any pain. It was all kind of ... twilight.

The op lasted less than three hours and I was transferred to a recovering room for the next 5 hours, where I was strapped up to machines that monitor my heart rate and blood pressure. The nurses would come in frequently to measure my temperature. After lunch, I tried to catch some sleep but it wasn't too successful.

Finally I was allowed to go back to my room; I was all bandaged up. Jenny ordered some noodle for me for dinner but I was too tired to eat and I fell asleep at about 7pm.

Around 10pm, I heard knocks on my door, I dragged myself out of bed to open the door and was surprised to see Dr Arthur in his t-shirt and shorts. He told me that he just wanted to check on me because he came by earlier at 8pm but I didn't wake up then and he was a little worried.

After the doctor's visit, I fell asleep quite quickly and didn't wake up until 5am in the morning. And of course, I was starting to feel quite sore on those areas that I had lipo. I knew then that the toughest part of lipo had began.

(.... to be continued)


zhixian said...

Hey Cindy, saw your blog link through some FB friends' list. I enjoy reading your account of liposuction. I've been watching it on TV a lot but those are ang moh programs and always best case scenario. Yours provide a more realistic view of the whole process. :D

blackbox said...

hey babe.. im planning to go medan too. waiting for your next part of your journey on your blog! :)

Double Ls and Mommy said...

no TV or even website will tell you that the most gruelling part of lipo is the horrific post-lipo drainage!

Yuen Ho said...

Please don't be in a hurry to do a revision. Dr Arthur is right to wait at least six months! I got mine done and the lumps which were blood clots didn't disappear till after 4 months, but now it is nice and smooth. Hang in there girl!

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