Sunday, March 27

A Birthday Getaway for Two

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I had an unforgettable 35th birthday, owing it all to my loveliest husband (better known as Mr Hubby in this blog). So when his birthday (which is one month after mine) was approaching, I was feeling stressful. It is unlikely that I can out-do him because I admit, I am not as romantic or as creative as he is. And I can't afford to buy him a Chanel bag, but I guess he has no use for a Chanel bag anyway.

So I secretly planned for a special birthday getaway just for him and I, without our two kids. We had a simple dinner and cake-cutting at home with the kids on the eve of his birthday and we set off for the hidden oasis of Batam, Tempat Senang, on the actual day of his birthday, without telling him where we were going.

I paid a premium to book for the Thai room because I read it on the review that it is huge and luxurious. It has 2 bedrooms (not that we needed to sleep in separate rooms), a very big bathroom, even a courtyard with a Turkish fish spa. How cool!

This room has rows of built-in wardrobe, but who is going to use it anyway. So I thought I put it into good use by camwhoring with it as the background.

I love the Turkish fish spa. The fish inside are really gigantic, not those small ones that you would get from our local fish spa places. Initially, I was intimidated by the size of the fish, but after I put my feet in, I love it straight away.

There are just 7 private rooms in this resort, so you would feel very exclusive staying here. There is an interesting room, called The Tree House; it is decorated with a Tarzan-feel and there is even a real tree running though it. Behind me is a hanging bed, very special indeed. Mr Hubby thought it was pretty kinky too.

After our relaxing 3-hour spa, we were starving, so we order a feast for dinner. The Famous Beer Can Chicken is a bit over-rated, but we enjoyed ourselves at the table nevertheless.

After dinner, we had a few games of pool. I lost 1 ball on the first game and was totally wiped out by Mr Hubby on the other two. I suck at pool, it's no secret.

The short getaway made us felt as though we were still in courtship. It is a good way to strengthen anybody's marriage, or was it just my good excuse to ditch the kids aside, to enjoy ourselves.

The next morning, breakfast was complimentary; it was simple and yummy. Then it was time for us to check-out, catch the ferry and return to our reality - work, kids and all.

It was a good 24 hours away from everything at home, all thanks to my Mom who came over to sleep and play with our kids. Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long to do this again.

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AH MEL said...

so envy!!! I want this too! but I want it the other way round, hubby bring me not I bring him can???? god bless me to have a chance like this.. PLSSSSS!!!!!


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