Sunday, March 20

Going Commando

One thing being a mom had taught me, is to think on my feet. When you are out with a monster toddler or a preschooler, I swear, the most unexpected thing is just waiting to happen.

Some evening back, I brought my 3 year old daughter to a private dinner party with some good old friends. Half-way through the dinner, she told me she had to pee. What's new? It always happen right in the middle of a meal when we are out. No big deal, I can handle that.

We spent some time hunting for the hotel's public toilet, so when she finally got down to business, she was at the highest point of her "tide". The gushing pee and the half pulled down panties were the beginning of a disaster.

She wet her panties, very very wet. And those were her only panties under her nice, little, blue polka dots dress.

She brawled! Her cries and screams filled the tiny cubicle. She sobbed, "MOMMY, I WANT ANOTHER PANTIES. ANOTHER PANTIES. THIS ONE WET ALREADY! WET ALREADY!

She refused to stop crying or to leave the toilet unless I produce her another panties. But where the fuck can I get another panties?? We were in some public toilet and I am not David Copperfield.

She just went on and on about wanting new panties. She just wouldn't stop; I was driven nuts by her.

"Ok, ok, ok. You want panties, you will get panties. So shut up now!"

3 minutes later, we walked out of the toilet cubicle, with her tears streaked face lit with a sheepish grin.

When we returned to the dinner table, I had to tell Mr Hubby of our little drama back in the toilet. "So how?" Mr Hubby asked. "She is wearing my panties now." I whispered lowly.

"NO!! That can't be?! Your panties? So big, how to wear?" He was totally doubting my words.

I looked around to see if anyone was noticing, before I lifted Laetitia's dress up carefully, revealing the magic that I had created.

There under her dress, she was wearing my black panties, with knots tied to both corners.

Yes, I had gone totally commando. I removed my own panties and transformed them smaller, there and then in that cubicle, so that my little girl wouldn't need to have her butts chilled!

The most fortunate thing was - I worn pants, not dress or skirt, on that day!

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Sharon said...

Wah Cheong! You're awesome! Salute!!!


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