Wednesday, August 17

The Gift

Have you ever got more than you bargain for? Like the time you paid for a moisturiser and got a brand new lipstick. In retail, they call it "free gift".

I went for my routine health screening in June this year and I didn't expect one, but I too received a "free gift".

No, it didn't come properly wrapped, neither did it spot a cute ribbon on it but anyhow, it had profoundly changed my life and I will tell you all about the incredible things it had done for me.

For a start, it had given me a 17 days vacation. I get paid without having to go to the office, it's more days than someone's annual leaves, all add up!

Suddenly, I am showered with love and care; and had calls, messages and emails flooding in from every corner of the world, even from friends or acquaintances whom I have not heard from in years! Next, I woke up to flowers; and fruit basket came knocking on my door.

I am given the legitimate reason to laze on my bed for as long as I wanted to, without anyone dare calling me a bum. Finally, I found time to do nothing but watch my kids sleep. It was luxurious!

I became so much more knowledgeable and gain enough medical vocabulary and jargons that I could easily be passed off as a medical personnel.

It had help me to recalibrate the priorities of my life and forced me to redefine my values and purpose for living. It's amazing! And I got it for free!

The catch is - it's non-returnable, non-exchangeable and also non-transferable. So what is the free gift?

It's Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 2, better known as CIN-2 (precancerous stage of cervical cancer), with a detection of high risk HPV, the strain of HPV that causes almost all cervical cancer.

Picture taken from my colposcopy

I had LEEP to remove the dysplasia and is still awaiting my biopsy report. I am hopeful but vigilant. I know, this might just be the beginning and while I am doing fine now, I wouldn't wish for you to have this "gift".

I had my "gift" and there is no way for me to return it, I thought I might as well make the best out of it, by telling the world that Pap Smear had saved my life and it could save yours too.

And we can all kick Cervical Cancer's butt by choosing a non-promiscuous lifestyle and with a simple vaccine to prevent HPV (works even better if you are not sexually active yet) you would have lower your risk of Cervical Cancer by so much.

Cervical Cancer is currently one of the most common cancer affecting Singaporean women, but with some effortless commitment, we could all help change that. Log on now to Power Over Cervical Cancer because I am sure, like me, you wouldn't want to wait until you are given the much bigger "gift' - Cervical Cancer, itself.


ah mel said...

ah cin, i really wish u well. hope you be well soon. love u loads!!!!

♡ Kimmie ♡ said...

I had my ovarian cyst removed last
November. And I just have to pray that it won't reoccur.


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