Saturday, August 27

Plastic and Makeups

Take a look at the pictures below. Do you know who is this pretty lady?


If your answer is Dawn Yang, our local celebrity blogger, you are only correct by about 15%. Because the pictures above are actually 7 different girls (only the 4th photo is Dawn Yang). I was surfing this blog site called Daily Lenglui which features pretty gals and I found many of them all looking freakishly alike, as though they were dolls coming from the same factory or something.

Most of the 'leng lui' are rumoured to have plastic surgeries to look the way they look. Could they have all gone to the same plastic surgeons?!

On a different note, something else from the net amazes me.

This is Promise Phan, an Asian girl living in USA. And this is her on a normal day without makeup. Very ordinary-looking.

Now this is Promise Phan, with makeups. WOW!! I know.

She didn't have just one type of gorgeous look, she is versatile like a chameleon.

She can even transform herself into Disney's princesses. Here, you have her as Jasmine in Aladdin and Ariel, the mermaid.

Not just that, she can also make herself up to resemble superstars; save going under the knife. Check out her miraculous transformations! I was so blown away!

Promise Phan VS Angelina Jolie

Promise Phan VS Taylor Swift

Promise Phan VS Scarlett Johansson

Even Captain Jack Sparrow!

Before seeing what Promise can do with makeup, I was contemplating to have double eyelids surgery. I do have double eyelids already but they are flaring into multiple eyelids and also they are on the faint side. Anyway, now I am bloody inspired, I will learn to live with my natural eyelids and accentuate them with makeup instead.

Have a good super long weekend! No diff for me, I am still on MC.

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