Monday, August 8

Wisdom that I wish I didn't have

Some weeks back, I was experiencing a nagging pain in my tooth; a check with the dentist revealed more. I was having a wisdom tooth and it was impacted, that was why it was hidden out of my sight.  It wasn't just that, the wisdom tooth was also pressing on my nerve causing this on and off pain.

An appointment was made for a dental surgeon to cut it out. And today is the day.

You have no idea how terrified I was. Since young, I have this morbid fear for dental procedures (even polishing scares the shit out of me) and this was made worst by the root canal from hell which I had a year ago.

The dental surgeon gave me some shots of local anesthetic then the rest became fuzzy. I think I was trying to create some kind of mental block so that I would not suffer any post-traumatic stress disorder from all those drilling and cracking and yanking.

I was later told that my wisdom tooth was not only humongous but it was also very deep (close to the nerve) hence the dental surgeon had to break it up before removing it.

I brought my "souvenir" home. When Laetitia came back from school, I show it to her. It was a good chance to talk to her about oral hygiene and my bloody tooth was a good scare tactic useful tool to get her to brush her teeth every night.

When I was done preaching and was about to dump my tooth in the trash, Laetitia suggested that I keep it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. I didn't want to keep the yucky remains of my tooth, let only sleep with it. So I made up an excuse that the tooth fairy wouldn't want my tooth.

Then Laetitia said cheekily, "Why? Is it because it's broken. Next time, be careful ok!"

I just nodded and smiled back.

Well, I am just glad it's over.



Melissa Yeo said...

shit!!! it'll be my turn soon... but i heard form my dentist, mine shld be easy... crossing my fingers...

WildStyleWes said...

I will be doing it soon yeeeks! I spotted the top ones early this summer

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Goof luck to all of u who are going to have your wisdom tooth yank out. OUCH!


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