Thursday, November 3

It's good to have 2

I never wanted to have a second baby after Laetitia, because I am not too into kids but I do love my own very much.

Plus, I was afraid that having two children would mean lots more chaos at home, which turned out that I am right. My home always looks like a battlefield, with dead soldiers toys and books littered all over the place every evening!

And did I forget to mention the constant squabbles and fights, which actually aren't as bad as having them both down with flu or any nasty viruses of sort. I have already forgotten how it feels like to have a day goes by without hearing someone cry.

If I can start all over again, would I still choose to have two?

You bet, I will.


Because of this:

The love they have for each other. Priceless


ah mel said...

I totally agree with you... and crying every single day drives me crazy!!!! I do agree.. i love my both my kids so much.. but can have I wish for lesser chaos, noise, fights, cries... even though I know all these comes as a package when no 2 arrives. :(

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Most of the time I try to ignore their screams and fight, but I would have to interfer at some point of the time when one of them is trying to murder the other, which happens quite a lot. Hahahaha...


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