Sunday, March 11

Cooling Sweet Tonic

There is this nasty dry type of cough that always pesters my children during their bedtime. I have long given up hope looking for that miracle cough elxir.

Last week, I spotted some long-forgotten Chinese Pears in my fridge and decided to boil them with my left-over white-fungus (also in my fridge).

This sweet dessert is believed to be good for nourishing the lungs, relieving dry cough and 'cool down' the body heatiness, suitable for both young and old. And best of all, it is such a brainless receipe for anyone.


1 large Chinese Pear - cooling
1 handful of Dried Red Dates - balance the 'qi' in the body
1 tbsp of Apricot Kernels (Xing Ren) - improve coughing
1-2 large White Fungus (Xue Er) - nourish the lungs
Some Rock Sugar to taste. For young children, you can dilute with some water before serving.


Soak white fungus for 20 mins or until soften. Wash the white fungus and trim off the harden parts. Wash dried red dates and break them open (optional to have the seed remove). Rinse the apricot kernels and set aside. Remove the pear's skin and seeds, then cut it up in big chunks.

Bring 800-1000ml of water to boil. Throw in the pear, white fungus, red dates and apricot kernels. Simmer for 1 hour. Add rock sugar to suit your taste. And all done!

It can be serve chill but no recommendable for younger children, serve warm would be better for them.

Make it for your family today!

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