Monday, March 26

偷情 (An Affair)

I had one of the most splendid weekends, celebrating my hubby's sweet 28 birthday (after 22% discount off his actual age, which I can't disclose here).

It was so hard to buy my hubby a birthday present, for he has EVERYTHING! But it was his birthday, and I was all out to give him something special that he would love and treasure the memories it brings.

So I planned for this: 偷情!

(I was told 95% of men would have an affair, at least once in his life. So he might as well have it with me.)

I pretended I was only bringing him out for dinner when I had actually made elaborated plan to spend a night with him, just him, an attractive man (completely burying the fact that he is my husband). I wanted to be crazily in love with him on the night before his birthday, as well as for him to be irresistible of me - a gorgeous woman, not just his wife or the mother of his children.

We dined in a place we had never been before; a place, quiet and secluded yet centralized and convenient. Then went to a cosy lounge to get tipsy, we flirted from time to time. And we ended our night recreating passionate moments in the sensual Scarlet Hotel. Throughout the night, we made effort to steer clear of conversation about our kids; just us - as lovers.

The next morning, we had brunch at Maxwell Food Centre, before returning back to our roles as parents, going home and celebrated his birthday surrounded by the loves of our children.

It had been a truly sensational escapade for us and I am so looking forward to his next birthday when I can 偷情 with my hubby again.

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