Tuesday, April 10


I have a confession to make -I am an addict, on a 'drug' more addictive than cocaine. It makes it so much worst because it isn't illegal and every corners I turn, there it is, there, there, everywhere!

I am hooked on carbs. Bad, sugary carbs. Cakes, ice-creams, chocolates, breads, pastries, burgers, pastas, I couldn't function without them, I crave for them constantly; when I don't get them, I don't feel good. When I eat them, I get momentary 'high', however shortly after that, guilt creeps in, makes me feel a whole lot shittier than before.

I knew I am addicted when I kept finding excuses for myself to have carbs. Just like any addicts, I kept telling myself, this would be my last bar of chocolate, my last piece if cake, my last this, my last that, but there is just no end to it. The worst I feel, the more I reach out for carbs.

Despite, running frequently and working myself crazy at the gym, I am still not moving the scales, all thanks to this damn carb addiction!

I am miserable yet I have no control over this addiction. If there is a rehab for this 'drug', let me be the first to check myself in.

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