Monday, April 16

Super Short Road Trip

We had a really short getaway over the weekend, driving up to KL, Malaysia with the kids. Mr Hubby had suggested to stay two nights but I didn't want to, because trip with children is like working OT! With no helper, you can imagine all the work. One word - Shack!

I have been to KL many times and this was the only time that I didn't manage to spend a single cents. Shopping was totally out of the questions when you are dragging behind two hyper kids.

Food had always been good in Malaysia, the kids love eating too. As for me, I was fattening myself up before going on a diet today. It was the last chance for me to gulp down carbs - tim sum, bread, desserts, noodles, all so delicious!

Make-up? Forget about it. With kids tagging along, I rather go 'naked', I kept my face as bare as the baby's bottom. I am never afraid to show my skin to the world! But pardon my eye bags, hadn't sleep well the night before. I was tossing and turning despite Sheraton Imperial Hotel providing a luxurious bed, but nothing compares to my own bed.

I love this man! How can I not, he is the best husband I can ever get and a wonderful dad to our kids, plus he fully sponsored this and many of our trips with much pleasure!

After more than 4 hours drive, we reached home on Sunday evening. I was so tired and had missed my bed so much. Mr Hubby said, "When you are holidaying, you missed home. When you are at home, you want to go holiday." I must say he is absolutely right about me! I am so weird... but he loves it.

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