Wednesday, April 25

Me at Run 350

A year ago, I would never imagined I could like running, let alone run for 10km. I always hated 2.4 when I was schooling, if I can 'siam', I would 'siam'.

Then last Sep, I made a commitment to start exercising and running seems to be the easiest sport; just a pair of running shoes and off I could go. 

From 2km to 4km to 8km and now I am taking part in a competitive 10km run at Run 350.

Actually Mr Hubby was the one who signed me up and paid for my run months ago when I wasn't even sure if I could survive running 10km. Guess, he has faith in me.

The run started at 6.50am, the sky was still rather dark. Took this picture just before the race began.

Not a flattery picture of me after completing10km, but it was a picture that made me proud of myself for having done that.

And that's my man, proud as can be!

Together, we have done it! It was truly a special experience for the both if us.

The race result just came out! I am ranked 565 out of 1351, that means I beat 786 person to the race! Cool! That's quite awesome, isn't it?!

I am so ready for the next race already. Who would like to join me?  : )

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Susan said...

Hi there, I'm also a mom and have a 3 year old. I've recently embarked on a healthier lifestyle this year and will also taking part in my first run and vertical marathon.
Great job on your great results on your run. Keep it up and jia you!

Double Ls and Mommy said...

Good that you are getting yourself active, Susan. :)

My husband and I also just signed up for our second 10 km run in July.


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