Saturday, June 30

The Law of Attraction

Couple of days back, I posted this picture along with the caption "They are one of the reasons why I choose to believe in myself and live my life without religion."

I might get some people saying, "Like that, then you won't go to heaven and have everlasting life."

Everlasting life?! Oh come on, if you can't even make this life work out for you, then forget about having everlasting life or next life or whatever life!

I don't have a religion, that doesn't means I don't have any belief. I believe in MYSELF and WHAT I CAN DO. My secret is no secret, it's The Law of Attraction.

I was exposed to Christianity from a young age, following my aunt to church every weekend, attending Sunday school and had many friends who were raised as Christians. Even though I was told God loves me, I never understood why I was so bitter. There were so much anger and hatred inside me, I grew up mutilating myself a lot.

When I became older, I thought I saw ghosts and believed my house was haunted, some friends took me to Chinese temples where I prayed to deities and Buddha. In all those years that I felt my life was nothing but agony and sufferings, I was surrounded by one religion or another. But it was as though I was stuck in the abyss of grievances, I just couldn't climb out of the pits.

About 6 years ago, I ended yet another miserable relationship which robbed me more than 5 years of my youth (but I still am pretty LOL), I couldn't figure out why the men in my life must be such jerks. I was back in the office of my psychiatrist after falling into the out-stretched arms of depression.

Then one fine day, I chanced upon a video, The Secret. It profoundly changed my life. It wasn't the best shrink in the country nor even any God, it wasn't anything or anybody but myself, if I want to turn my life around. And that became my faith.

"Thought becomes things."

I didn't believe The Law of Attraction (LOA) immediately, because I am always skeptical and cynic happens to be my middle name. Initially, I had intended to apply LOA to prove it wrong. I told myself, "OK, if I think positive and started doing things differently and my life is still spinning that downward spiral then this LOA is the biggest crap!"

Instead, I witness my life evolved, LOA opened my eyes and showed me what I am capable to do for myself. As soon as I started changing the perspective I had for life and embracing LOA, I stopped visiting my shrink, I married a great man, have a wonderful family with the loveliest children and I never have to worry about money anymore; my life became the envious of others!

I looked back and realized that those terrible things which I had experienced were indeed attracted into my life because I 'asked for it'. And that is simply the Law of Attraction. Whether if it was good or bad, I was there to make it happened for me.

"The law of attraction manifests the things that you think of."

You might be thinking that maybe my luck had finally turned around after 30 years living on this planet. Perhaps you are right, but how do you explain about the following:

4 years back, my mom was told she has Stage 4 breast cancer. It was terminal; at the start, her doctor wouldn't even want to operate on her. I explained LOA to my mom as best as I could, in Mandarin. She didn't seem to have much hope in the beginning, but I encouraged her and "psycho" her along the way.

Slowly, my mom's outlook for life transformed. She started applying LOA, although she might not understand fully what it is. Now, she is my rock! She volunteers her time with a community that take care of elderly, she had travelled twice to Europe and many other countries, she is able to run 4 rounds in the stadium after an hour long exercise regimen. She still have breast cancer, but she is alive, healthy and happier than before!

The picture was taken in Phuket, Thailand, a month after her surgery.

Whether is it health, money, happiness or love, the rules are simple. Be positive, love life and show gratitude. Then sit back and watch the Law of Attraction goes to work!

"Choose your thoughts carefully, you are the masterpiece of your life."

Inserting a completely irrelevant picture of myself here. LOL!

Oh.. and since I don't need to contributed to make someone else's life glamorous in Hollywood (and not to mention those HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MTVs) or to help pay for the bungalow in Sentosa Cove, I can spend my own money to make myself beautiful and buy those branded bags. Hahaha...

PS: I am not asking anyone to give up your faith because everyone has a right to choose. But at least watch the first 20 minutes of The Secret HERE and you might start to understand why the life you are having, isn't somewhat the life you always dream of.


Anonymous said...

No matter what, I'll love Pastor Kong, Sun, Pastor Tan and everyone from CHC!! You know nothing about CHC!!

Daphne said...

Law of attraction in chinese.


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