Saturday, July 7

5 years

Some nights back, before our 5th wedding anniversary, I asked Mr Hubby, "Dear, how are we celebrating our anniversary this year?" He replied jokingly, "This year no budget lah."

I pouted my lips, then answered,"OK lor, don't need to buy me flowers or gifts lor." 

Actually, I am totally understanding; we had just taken on a financial commitment on something big and important, so frugality is good for now.

But in the end, he still got me a stalk of rose.

We celebrated our 'wood' wedding anniversary a day earlier (because we are having a 10K run this Sunday and was trying to avoid alcohol the day before the run). We headed to Clark Quay to have dinner at this contemporary Japanese restaurant, San Sui. It is very different from the authentic Japanese cuisine, the food is modern Japanese with a twist of fusion. It was kind of refreshing but quite expensive!

After dinner, we went into a random pub and found ourselves at Aqua Nova, where we had beers, buffalo wings, live band and even stole some kisses in the dark. 

We made way for the hardcore club-goers and left the place when it was close to midnight. Hate to admit, but our clubbing days are long over.

5 years, isn't a long time, but it is long enough for me to know that I have married a fabulous guy! Happy Anniversary and I love you, my dear hubby!

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