Thursday, July 12

My Jurong Lake Run

Last Sunday, we woke up very early in the morning, left our cars at home and took a train to Jurong East - all geared up for the Jurong Lake Run 2012.

Since my first competitive 10KM some months back, I have been itching for another. Unfortunately, I was unwell the entire June and became rather apprehensive about running this race, as I didn't train for it at all.

But luckily all turned out well. I finished the race without stopping or walking. The moment I started running, I didn't have any thoughts of giving up the race. "Impossible is nothing. Impossible is nothing." I drummed this into my head with every step I took.

As always, Mr Hubby was there to encourage me. He ran the first 2KM at my pace. Running had certainly drawn us closer, even though we don't always run together.

The result was out. I didn't do too badly. Despite 'nua-ing' for one month, I clocked 1hr 18mins (just 3 minutes slower than my first run at RUN 350), beating 327 other women in my category.

Right after the finishing line, was a MASSIVE MASSIVE jam! The organizer really need to look into ways to improve the drinks and medals collection. I was stuck in the Q for more than 15 mins just to get into the area to collect my medal. And the sun was already up, threatening to burn me, this vampire to ash. I WAS SO PISSED!

Having said that, I still did enjoy the run, hopefully, next year it will be less chaotic.

Everybody is running for a cause, so am I.

I run to eat more without gaining weight!! I am shallow, whatever! Hahahahaha....

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