Thursday, July 26

Crazy Busy Week

It had been a week of craziness but filled with so much fun and all the hard work really had paid off. 

Last Thur, we had our annual BC Convention at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa. This year's D&D theme was Olympic.

So there was no fancy costume needed, I just wore my regular running wear and shoes, but seriously, it was the first time I wore so much make-up in that outfit. 

It was a crazy night of fun and laughter. At the end, to celebrate the finale of the D&D, the three 'Presidents' of the organizing committee (President, Vice President and Logistic President) were almost thrown into the air by the boys of our Counter Support Team, except we were all too heavy.

Then I came home to rest one day, before flying off to Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday morning for business meeting and training. We had the entire Sunday to eat, shop, massage before Monday set in and we had to work.

I usually don't eat carbs, but who can resist the red velvet cupcakes! I had two. I felt awfully guilty!

In-between meetings and training, we would be eating and eating and eating non-stop. There were so much food served during our team's dinner that I had to carry my swollen belly out of the restaurant. Our Thailand team-mates really treat us too well.

But even with all the fun and food, home is still where my heart is. It is good to be back!

(All photos of convention and business trip were 'stolen' from my co-workers, because when I am having fun, who cares about taking pictures. Hahaha...)

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