Wednesday, August 1

HFMD - What a Horrible Disease!

I brought my kids to KKH on Monday because they were both burning with high fever. After x-rays and some routine checks, I was told Laetitia had middle-ear infection, Leonitus had mild lung infection. Just before we left, the doctor warned me about the ulcers in Leonitus' mouth and told me to keep a watch out for symptoms of HFMD. I shrugged; already one down with middle-ear infection and the other with lung infection, we wouldn't be that unlucky, would we??

The next morning, Leonitus woke us up, screaming as though his mouth was on fire. A shine of torchlight revealed hundreds, if not, thousands of tiny red spots all over his mouth and some big angry-looking ulcers lined his lips and throat. Oh my fucking Lord! We strike first prize, haven't we?!

I worked half-day and came home to a heart-wrenching sight. Leonitus's mouth must have been too painful for him to close, he was drooling all over and crying at the same time. The pain must have been so excruciating that he completely goes off food and drink. In order to encourage him to drink to prevent dehydration, I bought him Ribena (normally, I wouldn't allow my children to go near unhealthy sweetened beverage), he was so eager to drink it, but the moment the fluid entered his mouth, he shrieked at the top of his voice and then big fat tears gushed out from his eyes.

That same evening, a trip to his paediatrician confirmed that it is HFMD. No surprise at the diagnosis.

Leonitus would spent more than 80% of his waking hours, whining and crying and wearing a look of complete anguish. I tried to distract him with TV, but with little success. Forcing him to drink water often resulted in him howling like a wolf in great distress. He is really such a sorry sight.

After all those tears and fussiness, he would become so exhausted and zonked out on my bed, only to wake up abruptly just moment later from the pain in his mouth. This went on and on throughout the night, like some cycle of nightmares which we are unable to wake up from. It was horrible!

His mouth must have hurt him so immensely, he actually gave up his pacifier at bedtime. He just clenched onto his pacifier tightly and went to sleep holding it in his hand instead of sucking it in his mouth.

I can't believe this is only Day 2 of the living hell; I was told it would take no less than one week to recover. Strength, I need to borrow some strength!! *tearing my hair out.

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