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Saturday, August 11

It is Goodbye

I am sorry if you think I was cruel to let you go.

I was young and naive, but I did love you; you were once my baby. You came to me pure and white. Everyday, for several year, we were inseparable; I was inside you, you kept me safe and comfortable.

However, things just didn't work out the way we wanted it to be. All these years I have kept you away from me. Sometimes, I hope you can see what lies in my heart. It was conflicted and painful to have you around.

I have already moved on and I needed you to do the same, but you just kept clinging onto me. Do you know that by doing so, you had bled me dry. I am sorry, I had to get rid of you.

I saw him today when he came for you...  I know that you will be in good hands; I am sure he will love you. You deserve someone better than me.

Goodbye and thank you for the memories.

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