Saturday, June 8

The Good, The Bad and The Terrible Life of a Parent

I am not the most patient and loving mother out there, and I am also quick-tempered and gets cranky whenever it's the time of the month. Hence, often, there would be clashes of the titans at home, starring myself and my barely 6, going 16, years old daughter.

In the recent months, my daughter has been pushing my buttons all over the places; by getting distracted when I was trying to teach her spellings, ignoring my instructions, getting herself upset over the most trivial matters, refusing to accept punishment when she misbehaved. I could go on, but I won't want to, because she can be the sweetest and the most adorable creature at times.

Last month, she made me a little book for Mother's Day. I am not the type of mom who keep stuff made by my kids and become all mushy and sentimental. I always tell them to give me money whenever possible. But this little book was special!

It was written and drawn by my daughter, titled "Ten Things I Love About You!". Actually, I counted, it was lesser. Maybe, she ran out of good things to write about me. Hahaha...

Here are some very interesting pages.

She actually remembered I drove her to KK Hospital in the middle of the night when she had a fever that refused to go away. I almost never let any of my helpers look after my children in the night, and especially when they fall sick. Even though I might have work the next day, my hubby and I will insist to look after our own children. 

I suck at teaching Maths, and most of the academic subjects because I am simply too impatient. But I make it up by imparting moral education to her. When she fights with her brother to be the first one to have her story read, I will ask her, "Is it more important to be first or to be good?". When she gets upset over petty matters, I leave her alone completely, until she calms down, then I ask her, "Did you see that only YOU have the power to control how YOU want to feel?"

When I saw this next page, I choked. I tasted bile in my mouth and my eyes burned. 

There was one day, I was driving her to school and we got into a massive fight, we were screaming at each other in the car. She refused to stop, I couldn't concentrate to drive any further. So I pulled over, and warned her about the possible consequences... but she just got worst and I spiralled totally out of hand. I whacked her across the cheeks. She cried, I cried. It was horrible!

Later that evening, she came home from school and apologized to me. We made up, but I guess, both of us could never forget that terrible day.

Why do kids have to be such devils at times and angels the next moment? My kids drive me insane sometimes. I admit, it can be extremely exhausting to be a parent, but I can never live a life without my children. Sigh.


Jolly-Joie said...
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Jolly-Joie said...

Ah Cheong, Thank you! for blogging the above post which had, somehow rescue me in some way, upon having my maximum tolerance for some sort of outrageous actions from one such particular lecturer to a maximum limit .... AND i calmly apply the following phrase, " "Did you see that only YOU have the power to control how YOU want to feel?" just bring me away from pulling my hairs... the phrase, it works so damn well and for the first time, I am smiling away with a happy heart and wonder, why? .... Why are you so sure and right about such power?
- Jiaxuan


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