Saturday, June 15

Ritz-Carlton's Legendary Service

I was one of the organizing committee for my company's 2D/1N annual convention and D&D held at Ritz-Carlton this year. To be honest, we didn't have a good time working with the people assigned to help us make the convention and D&D a successful one. There were many delays and they weren't seem to have that initiative and flexibilities I would have expected from this luxurious hotel which is legendary for its service.

Anyhow, my company's convention and D&D went on quite well (because we have the most dedicated team of committee *wink*), and so I had no complaints. Sure, I get fruit basket, chocolates and a million-dollar view from my room, but I wasn't "wow" by the services I received, until I fell ill the next day.

I was supposed to be having team-building with my company, but I woke up feeling so sick, I had to give it a miss. At 12 noon, it was time to check-out, but I could barely get out of bed, I knew then that this was more than simply a hangover. I phoned the front desk and asked for late check-out as I couldn't as much as make it out of the door of my room. The front desk took a few minutes to check and called me back shortly, asking with much concern if I needed help or medical assistance and assured me that they had my room extended until 3 pm.

I crawled back into bed, feeling very relieved that I didn't have to check out immediately because I was breaking out in cold sweat whenever I tried to be up on my feet. About 45 minutes later, the door bell rang, I dragged myself out of bed to open the door, thinking it was my colleague who had came to check on me, but it turned out to be two of the hotel staff. Mr. Afiq, whom I had spoke with on the phone earlier regarding the late check-out and an assistant manager, Ms. Riri; they probably knew I was too weak to join my colleagues for lunch in the restaurant and had brought me some porridge and fruits so that I wouldn't go hungry. And they also told me to rest well and if needed, they would extend my check-out to a later time.

Apart from the food, they also brought me a 'Get Well' card signed by both of them, plus many of the staff in the hotel, wishing me speedy recovery in many different languages, I was very touched by this very thoughtful act. Their kindness had changed the way I think of the hotel just a day ago.

Ritz Carlton might not have the best people to deal with corporate events, but they certainly have the best ground staff that care for their guests beyond expectations! And they had truly inspired me to search for opportunities to create unforgettable moments for my customers.

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