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Sunday, July 7

My Second Short Story - Breathless Love

I started writing this story more than two years back but never got to finish it. I finally dug it out and gave it an ending. 

To my hubby, 
Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary! You give me some of the best moment of my life! I love you!

There was soreness in Kristine’s throat, her mouth was dry, her body was aching and there seemed to be a percussion playing in her head. What a horrible hangover, she thought to herself. As her senses slowly aroused, she became clearly aware of her surrounding and this was not her hotel room. Kristine shot out of the bed only to realize that she was totally naked. Last night’s memory came flooding into her head.

Kristine was desperate to get through the mad crowd who turned up for the Ultra Music Festival; she wanted to get away from Bicentennial Park, away from Miami, away from USA or perhaps away from this world.

“Maybe I am just too old for this funk and punk.” She thought to herself. As she worked her way towards the beachfront, away from the roaring music, her tears began to well up. It was this sense of loneliness she had been so eager to run away from but every time without fail, it will soon be caught up with her. She must have walked for a long time along the cool sandy beach, with only the sound of the crashing wave, she knew she had came to the right place to unleash the grief that had built up inside her for so long. She bowed her head low and sobbed uncontrollably.

“Are you…OK?”

Kristine was startled by a voice.

The voice quickly apologized, “I am sorry, I must have frightened you. Erm…. I just want to see that you are alright.” And he handed Kristine his packet of tissue paper.

Kristine looked up, under the pale moonlight, their eyes met. John’s presence had made Kristine felt surprisingly comforted. Maybe it was John’s striking Asian look with that all too familiar accent, in a foreign land.

“Maybe you could use this.” said John as he passed over a bottle of vodka. “And maybe this too.” He continued; patting his upper torso and his bright smile seemed to have lightened up Kristine’s tension.

Kristine smiled weakly as she downed a shot of vodka which immediately knocked her breathe out. She found her voice and said, “Kristine. My name is Kristine.”

Kristine did not recall very much, except John had also found his way out from the madness of Ultra Music Festival and had been the most wonderful listener. He had the broadest shoulder and the most muscular chest Kristine had ever cried on. She remembered John stroking her hair when Kristine poured out her feelings to this complete stranger, she found solace in. It was absurd, but this tall, handsome man who came out of nowhere gave her the sense of security that she had craved so much for.

Kristine’s train of thought was suddenly intruded by John’s presence as he walked in on the naked Kristine “I sorry, I didn’t know you are awake. I am just going to leave this here.” “Those are clean clothes from Karen, my housemate. And she also had you cleaned out of your puke last night. Oh.. In case, you are wondering, I slept on the couch last night.” John shouted behind the closed bedroom door.

Kristine giggled like some high-school girl. She liked John. If only she was still a carefree young woman. Kristine sighed.

Kristine led a glamorous life back home in her country. At the age of 28, she had achieved what many young woman would only dream of. She was an owner of 5 international high fashion boutiques, an extreme wealthy socialite who appeared so frequently in magazines for the rich and famous, and the trophy wife of Ng Beng Lee, the self-made billionaire, who made headlines some ten years back with his late wife’s controversial suicide.

“Hey! I made you breakfast. Hope you like eggs and bacons!” John called out to Kristine from the kitchen, sounding ever so bright and cheery. Kristine felt her morning had never been better before. “Eat up. After breakfast, let me see you home, wherever home might be for you.” John winked. He was so sweet, he melted Kristine’s otherwise frozen heart. “I don’t want to go home.” Kristine blurted. “I mean, I am not ready to fly back home. I am on a 4 weeks vacation and I just landed yesterday. Why don’t you be my guide?” “Oh, it’s my honor. This spring break’s vacation job of mine is going to be fun, definitely better than Karen’s waitressing her ass off in the cafe.” John flashed his infectious smile.

Kristine had the best time of her life in the last ten days, spending them with John by her side. They went biking in the Valley of the Butterflies, laid beneath the great willow tree at Denver Park, shared an ice-cream in sunset, watched movies under the starry nights, danced in the rain and fell asleep in each other arms in front of the television. Kristine was living her life now; she had been a lifeless puppet long enough and for the first time, after so long, she realized she had a beating heart filled with immense contentment.

It was a warm summer night; it was almost as hot and humid as back home. The thought of going home depressed Kristine. John had stripped to his trunks and jumped right into the tiny swimming pool in the backyard after he failed to convince Kristine to join him. Kristine was at the kitchen counter overlooking the pool, sipping red wine sulkily as she watched John lapping up and down the pool. Suddenly, there were no splashes from the pool. “John?” Kristine called out. “John!” There was no response. Kristine panicked. She jumped off her seat and dashed across the kitchen, pushed the door wide open and there she saw John’s body sinking to the bottom of the pool like a rag doll. Kristine jumped right into the water and dived in to reach for John only to have him grabbed her by her legs and popped out of the water together.

“What the fuck, John! You are nuts!” screamed Kristine. John couldn’t stop laughing. “It’s not funny, John. You are making me so mad!” Kristine began to cry.

“Oh, sweet. I am so sorry. I thought that was the only way I can get you to come into the water with me. I don’t mean it.” John immediately apologized and hugged her close to his chest tenderly.

Kristine’s tears continued to flow. “Hush now. Everything is alright. I promise I would never do anything like that again.” John tried to assured her. Kristine buried her head into John and said softly, “I thought I had lost you there.”

John gently held up Kristine’s face, swept the water off with his both hands, “I will always be here for you, as long as you want me too, Kristine.” Their eyes locked, John moved his lips closer to Kristine’s; she surrendered herself into John’s kiss. Their passion ignited, Kristine felt like she was on fire, she wriggled out of her wet clothes and their bodies interlocked as they sank to the bottom of the pool, with their mouths on each other, John sucked the air out of Kristine as plunged himself into her. Kristine threw her head backwards and moaned with pleasure, sending ripples across the calm water.

Kristine made love; it was the first time that sex felt so imitate. She surrendered herself to John who injected life into her.


Kristine had been depressive since she flew back from USA, a month ago. Not a moment had gone by without her thinking of John. She made a cruel departure, leaving John while he was still asleep. She had the best moment of her life in those four short weeks but that was it. And she knew very well that she didn’t deserved to love and to be loved for she sold her soul a long time ago, in exchange for a lifetime of luxuries that many would have been envious of. The majestic bungalow she lived in, her expensive sport car, her fame and her fortune had cost her, true love.

Ng Beng Lee had Kristine’s arms and limbs cuffed to the poles of their opulent bed, his face was twisted with a lecherous grin as he bit and squeezed Kristine’s breasts like a ravenous wolf. Kristine just lay still like a piece of dead meat; her mind wandered off, she tried to imagine it was John and not the disgusting Ng Beng Lee who was tearing through her delicate skin.

“Hey, you slut! Are you sleeping or are you dead.” Ng Beng Lee slapped her across her cheeks. “This is going to make you scream.” Ng Beng Lee took out a new toy; it was a dildo in the most enormous size that Kristine had ever seen. Ng Beng Lee stabbed it deeply into Kristine. “Ahhrrgghh… “Kristine was greeted by the intense pain; she squirmed pathetically to break free only to get Ng Beng Lee more excited. “Now, you are awake, bitch!” He jabbed the dildo into Kristine, picking up speed as he went, making her shrieked with pain and pleasure.

Hot tears flowed out of Kristine’s eyes as she was freed from the bed. The cuffs had cut into her wrists and her ankles; she tried to limp slowly towards to bathroom. Ng Beng Lee caught her by her hair and shoved her face at his manhood. “Clean me.” He commanded. As Kristine kneeled over the towering Ng Beng Lee, licking him like a dog, he told her meanly, “You better thank God that I am not sick of fucking you yet. So don’t give me the kind of face like I owe you something. And my son is returning home this week, like it or not, you better pretend to be happy.”

Ng Beng Lee was on the phone when Kristine struggled to get up on her feet. From a distance, she could hear him speaking to his son’s doctor; a world class shrink who the rich and famous looked up to. “Thank you for the past ten years, Dr Gillman. My son would never be well again without you…” “Serve you right to have sick bastard.” Kristine muttered softly. All Kristine ever know of Ng Beng Lee’s son, was he left for the States, a very sick child, and had spent the last ten years in and out of the hospital, receiving multiple treatments. Kristine wasn’t looking forward to Ng Beng Lee’s son’s return. Like father, like son, Kristine thought to herself.

Kristine spent hours sitting inside the bathtub. She was in so much pain; she can’t tell if they were physical, mental or emotional. Memories of John filled her head, she felt extremely tormented. She would give anything to be with John again, even if it meant her life, she thought to herself. As she drifted to sleep in the tub she dreamt of being in John’s arm, tears flowed from her eyes controllably.

It had been more than ten years since Ng Beng Lee sent his only son away. Ng Beng Lee had always felt a great sense of guilt for his son. He hated for his son to grow up alone in a faraway land. But it seemed to be the only right thing to do then, after seeing how damaged his son became after the death of his mother. The once polite and charming little boy became violent and dark. He would lock himself up in his darken room for hours, only leaving it when he had to be taken by force to his psychotherapy sessions. His psychiatrist diagnosed it as post-traumatic stress disorder, triggering a second personality, which acted as the coping mechanism for the deeply traumatized boy. Chinese medium suspected he was possessed and Ng Beng Lee was desperate to save his only son who had turned into a sinister young boy with a horribly twisted mind. He knew he had to send his only son away or risk seeing him grew into a monster - a monster more hideous than himself.

John Ng, Ng Beng Lee’s only son, the man that Kristine was growing sick missing, had returned home. Kristine couldn’t believe her luck, but she wasn’t sure if it was good or bad luck that her perfect man, John, was his sadistic husband’s son!

When John walked into the house with Ng Beng Lee, Kristine stood rooted to the ground, she did not know how to respond, and it was all too shocking for her. She made up an excuse and hurried up the stairs, where she hid in her room. Her breathe was shallow, her hands were icy cold and her legs had turned numb. She felt incessantly guilty for making out with her husband’s own son, but at the same time she was suppressing an incestuous thrill of seeing John again.

It had been two days since John’s return; Kristine had tried to stay away from home. She knew she couldn’t do this forever but she hadn’t thought of a good way to face John, she was ashamed; ashamed to be the wife of Ng Beng Lee, ashamed of being John’s stepmother whom he never met until now. It had just past midnight when Kristine returned home from a fundraising party, instead of heading up to her bedroom, she wandered into the garden, alone. There she sat herself down and tears started to fall. Under the bright moonlight, her tears gleamed like jewels. She was indeed a beautiful woman, despite her detesting life with the obnoxious Ng Beng Lee.

“Sweet, are you going to go on avoiding me?” Then Kristine felt a pair of strong comforting arms embracing her from behind. “Oh, John…” Kristine felt a gripping pain in her heart and a lumped formed in her throat. Their eyes met. John grabbed her face with both hands, pulled her to his chest before pressing his lips over hers. Their tongues possessed each other. Kristine whispered, “I miss you. I miss you so much.”

Ng Beng Lee had his blood drained completely off his face, when he caught his twelve years old son ripping their foreign helper’s blouse while riding on top on her. A plastic bag was fastened tightly over her head and her hands were tight up with some cables. “John! Let her go NOW! You are killing her!” His son looked up, with a demonic pair of eyes. He said it slow, in a low growling voice; it was a voice Ng Beng Lee wished he had never heard, “Shut up, you old fuck. I will be careful this time.” Ng Beng Lee found himself screaming as he jumped up from his sleep. He was soaking in his own perspiration on a hotel’s bed. His under-aged and pricy prostitute stared at him with fear written all over her face. Ng Beng Lee ignored her totally. He placed a palm over his dampened forehead, rubbing it hard as if he was trying to erase the terrifying image that was coming back to haunt him.

Kristine and John had been very discreet and were careful not to be seen together at any part of the house, Ng Beng Lee’s house. They had managed to keep their secret rendezvous under wrap and had waited for a long time for Ng Beng Lee to be finally away; he was attending a business conference in China. Kristine and John had the house to themselves for some nights and they just could not keep their hands away from each other, from the moment Ng Beng Lee left. As they cuddled on John’s bed, enjoying each other’s affections, Kristine asked curiously, “Baby, I heard you were sent to the States for treatment because you were ill. Have you recovered? What was wrong?” John turned his face to meet Kristine, there was deep sorrow written all over it and it broke Kristine’s heart to see him like that. “Baby, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Kristine comforted, stroking his chin lightly.

“No. Sweet, it’s good that you know. Ever since my mother died, I had night terrors. In those nights, I felt as if I was trapped in a small pitch-dark box and I could only hear the familiar voice of a woman. She seemed to be talking to someone. Someone, like, her child, I think.”

“Do you love Mummy? If you do, you will do as I say. Your name is Don now. Hit me, Don. Harder! Hit me HARDER!” recalled John looking pale and distressed.

“Then a mixture of screams and cries would fill me up until I suffocate. Usually, I would go into an epileptic fit which wiped out some of my memories before anyone find me unconscious. It was .. Terrifying.” John said quietly. Kristine held up her finger to John’s lips and stopped him from continuing. Then she pressed her lips on her finger and gently sliding her finger away, allowing her soft lips to caress over John’s.

After an intense session of love-making, John withdrawn himself out of Kristine and then collapsed, breathing heavily on top of Kristine. “Sweetie, we can’t go on like this. I need you. I need you to be mine. You.. no. We have to leave my father. Let’s go back to the States, where we were once happy.” A tear rolled down Kristine’s cheek, she nodded and tightened her arms around John. She was exhausted but filled with hope; she thought John would never ask. She had wanted to elope with him, the day they met. They hugged each other passionately and fell into a deep slumber, naked.

Kristine stirred; she was lying with her face down, her legs were tied up. She tried to open her eyes but she was blindfolded. She wanted to reach for her blindfold only to realize that her hands were bounded by some tapes. She screamed but could only manage muffed sound, her mouth was taped shut. “On your knees now” It was a low growling voice of a stranger. “Who? What’s going on? Where’s John? Is he hurt? No… Stay away from me!” Kristine’s head was spinning; she felt nausea swept over her. Before she could decide if it was fear for herself, or for the safety of John, a fist was shoved violently into her vagina, tearing her apart, followed by slaps raining on her behind and then her nipples were stung by several swift pinches. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Hot tears were gushing out from her eyes, soaking the blindfold. She was now on her knees while her ass was being rudely violated; just as she thought the worst would soon be over, she felt a noose over her head and then something gripped her throat. She gagged and choked then convulsed as her assaulter let out a groan, as he finished off his last thrust. Kristine had passed out cold.

Kristine’s mouth was dry and her body was in a lot of pain, and she was still in restrain. She rubbed the blindfold against the edge of the bed to free her sight. She was finally able to peep with one eye as the blindfold flipped slightly above her left brow. The room was dark and silent. “John. John.” She called out softly and cautiously. Then she spotted John, who was lying face down on the ground. “John! John, wake up! Are you alright? No, please. John!” She sobbed hysterically.

John moaned as he picked himself up from the floor, still naked, he placed his hands on his temple as if his head was hurting. He blinked several times and jumped up to his feet when he saw how badly Kristine was battered and tied up. “What the fuck just happened, baby?” John asked. His face tormented as he freed Kristine.

Kristine was in such a terrible shape, she just couldn’t stop crying, “I don’t know. I couldn’t see. I woke up and… and….” She couldn’t bring herself to continue.

 “I am so sorry, sweetie. I am …Shit! What the fuck! I thought we fell asleep and then… Fuck! Oh, my God, I didn’t know, I must have gone into a fit just now.” John pulled Kristine into his arms and cried. They never left the room for the next couple of days, only briefly for some food and water, Kristine just wanted to be in the embrace of John and John wanted her just as much too.

Ng Beng Lee stepped into his house and was surprised to find it so quiet and empty; he walked up the stairs and entered his study. He was startled when he saw John sitting on his swivel chair, holding a stack of photos in his hands. “Oh, no!” Ng Beng Lee felt his scalp prickled and goose bumps rose. “Those photos.. John. Put them away!”

“Hi, old fuck!” John spoke, his face contorted with grimace as he released the photos from his hands, allowing them to litter themselves on the floor. As he made his slow exit, he paused and stared into Ng Beng Lee’s eyes. The same pair of cold, murderous eyes from ten years back, they seemed to pierce straight into Ng Beng Lee’s mind. He swallowed and a chill went down his spine when he saw John’s twisted lips mouthing the words, “I am back.”

After what seemed like forever, Ng Beng Lee composed himself and bended over to pick up the photos. He brought the photos over to the steel bin, hovered them over a lighter, setting them ablaze. His late wife in shackles and cuffs stared back at him from those photos. Then one smaller sized photo slipped out of his grip and dropped into the burning pile. It was a three years old John, sitting tall on Ng Beng Lee’s shoulders, looking happy, looking innocent as can be. Ng Beng Lee started to weep.

At breakfast, Kristine lied to Ng Beng Lee that she had to help out at the wedding of a business associate and would be staying a night in the hotel where the dinner would be held. Ng Beng Lee let out a grunt and kept his eyes on his newspapers. Kristine took the chance and winked at John, who was trying to hide a smirk. With John, Kristine felt rejuvenated, it was as though years of ageing had been lifted from her and she was finally able to feel youthful, even though she was six years older than her young lover. They went out in the sea, renting yacht, watching the sun set beyond the western horizon.

“John, don’t ever leave me, please.” pleaded Kristine as John wrapped his arms around her from behind and placing his chin lightly on her shoulders.

“Never” John assured her, kissing her hair gently.

“Baby, we have to think of a way to leave.”

“Sweet, we will.”

“The sun must have got to me.” Kristine thought. Her skin was hot and she felt weak. “Or it could be too much sex.” She suppressed a giggle. John was asleep beside her; Kristine examined this gorgeous young man with rock hard abs, glowing black hair and a very sexy face. “I can’t believe I finally found true love.” She smiled to herself.

“Please, Mummy, I am scared. Don is bad; I don’t want to be Don. No…” Kristine looked warily at John who seemed to be having a nightmare, talking in his sleep. “My poor baby, losing his mother at such a young age must have devastated him. Hmm.. I wonder who’s Don.” Kristine thought as she placed a comforting hug over John who seemed to be in a daze waking up from his all too familiar nightmare.

“Drive slow. Try to reach home fifteen minutes after me. He should be at home this time of the day.” instructed John. Kristine looked at him longingly and planted a chaste kiss on his forehead before walking over to her own Mercedes SLK, a very slick silver car, which she was ready to give up for the love of her life.

When Kristine pulled up at the driveway, there was a huge commotion going on. She quickly stepped out of her car only to see two men in some clinical white uniforms dragging John towards a black SUV. John was struggling to break free. Ng Beng Lee was standing at the door, with a wretched expression. Beside him stood a white man who looked like he was in his late fifties, holding what looked like a syringe and was heading for John. “Do it, Dr Gillman. Now.” Ng Beng Lee shook his head with despondency.

“John!” shouted Kristine. Her voice was desperate.

John looked up and saw Kristine. The two men holding John were momentarily distracted, allowing him to slip from their grips. John hollered as he ran over to Kristine’s car, “Get in the car. NOW!”

The SLK sped off at top speed, leaving Ng Beng Lee chasing and screaming wildly, “NO!! Stop! Stop the car now!” The car was out of sight within seconds.

Perhaps it was the chase that had heightened Kristine’s adrenaline level; she threw herself at John kissing him ferociously after she had parked her car. All her senses are pricked and she had never felt so erotic. “Don’t let them separate us, baby. I can’t live without you.” She urged as they stumbled into the apartment which Kristine had newly bought, with the lips locked firmly on each other.

John was quiet. He had not spoken a word throughout the journey. Maybe he was badly shaken, thought Kristine to herself. Who were those men? Has Ng Beng Lee found out? There were many questions in her head but she was not seeking for an answer. Not right now. For now, she had only desire to make love, passionate love to the man she would die for.

John suddenly reciprocated her sexual urge in a deviant, almost brutal way, sticking his tongue far into her mouth, exploring her before biting her on her lips. Then he reached for her top, ripped off the buttons and yanked off Kristine’s bra. This had made Kristine more wanton. Secretly, Kristine had preferred sex a little rougher. “Oh John, you being so kinky!” Kristine gasped breathlessly. John did not reply, he pushed Kristine face front onto the sofa and proceeded to tie her arms behind her back with her bra. Kristine looked on ahead shyly and asked in a whisper, “You like to play? Spank me, baby!”

John took off his pants and then slides his belt off from them. He looped his belt over Kristine’s neck slowly, sending Kristine panting with lust. As he plunged his erected manhood into Kristine, he pulled on both ends of the belt, denying Kristine of air. Kristine was shocked at first but felt an orgasmic pleasure built up instantly. She had never felt more aroused than now. She moaned and groaned as she exploded into waves and waves of contractions as John continued to slam into her.

“Asphyxiophilia. Your mind-blowing orgasm induced by strangulation. You love this, don’t you? Now my turn.” John finally spoke, but it didn’t sound like him, it was as though he was someone else. “The voice, it’s familiar, like .. That night!” Kristine turned around. It was John alright, but he had so much evilness in his eyes. Before she could figure out, her neck was compressed too tightly; she was choking and coughing while she tried to get John to stop. But John seemed to be in a trance. He was riding Kristine like a jockey on a horse, pulling mightily on his belt and watching Kristine’s face turned red, and then purple and then lifeless. He shot his load into the limp body of Kristine. As he collapsed onto the ground, he moaned breathlessly, “Ahhh... Mummy.”


Ng Beng Lee dashed through the doors and had straight away known the suspension bondage had gone terribly wrong. He cut the rope and then frantically loosened the noose over his wife’s neck with his trembling fingers. As he lay her naked body down on the floor, he noticed her face had turned purple and her wide-opened eyes were blood shot. She wasn’t breathing anymore. Ng Beng Lee yelled at his twelve years old son, “John, what the fuck have you done to Mummy!”

John replied slowly and impassively, "I am Don, not John." as he sauntered out of the dungeon of pain and pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Mind blowing story line!

Anonymous said...

Good job Cindy, wishing for more to be published! Keep writing, cheerio..


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