Tuesday, July 9

It's Who I Marry, Not How I Marry

Last Sunday was a special day for my hubby and I; we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Six years isn't exactly a long time, but it is enough for me to know what a lucky bitch I am, to be married to a wonderful man who loves and take good care of me and our family.

That afternoon, we were out at a relative's wedding luncheon and someone asked him, "Where are you going to celebrate your wedding anniversary later?" He tried to keep everyone in suspense, including me and replied, "Don't know. Maybe some hawker centre." He refused to tell me where we were going even when I told him I need some clues in order to decide what to wear. Well, that was typical of him, always likes giving me surprises, and always succeeds.

So, when we reached Singapore Flyer, I was half convinced that we were going to have dinner at Singapore Food Trail, which is a food court featuring many Singaporeans favourite hawker dishes.

Then he led me to the Flyer Lounge and smirked when I asked, "Aren't we going to have my favourite Satay Beehoon, Cuttlefish Kang Kong and Poh Piah?"

The panoramic view of Marina Bay Sands bathed in the setting sun welcomed us. The lounge access is exclusive, making the whole Sky Dining experience very VIP-like.

We relaxed and chilled out at the lounge until our dining capsule was ready for express boarding. No queue - how cool!

We shared the capsules with 3 other couples, but it was still very private compared to having dinner in a restaurant. And not to mention, the view was to die for. But as I thought we were going to eat in the hawker centre, I didn't prepare a camera!

The food was alright, not quite for the gourmet critic, but very filling. Hubby order lamb for me (he knows I love lamb) and chicken for himself. We dined through two rotations, which was about approximately an hour. It was very romantic and view was truly breathtaking, although this dinner was a bit too pricey - close to $300!

What present do you get for a man who has everything? I have no idea, so I dedicated my second short story to him as our anniversary present. What a brilliant money-saving move! Hahaha... No. I am not that stingy. His present is late; I ordered it quite some days back but and hadn't know that the delivery would take forever.

In retrospect, we didn't have a big wedding, no customary practices, no grand dinner in a hotel (just a simple ROM reception), but all those are not important to me or us. The fact is - My life just gets more and more awesome each day because of who I marry, not how I marry. And for that, I am eternally grateful already.

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